Employer Videos

Put your Hiring Strategy into Motion.

No other creative medium evokes emotional response like video. A professionally produced composition from footage taken at your workplace weaved into a turn-key mass reach advertising program, Workplace Video will give your company the voice that is needed in today’s competitive hiring landscape. The Workplace Video Profile program is a limited opportunity for 20 area companies. It seeks to give both active and passive jobseekers a transparent view of how great it would be to work for your organization. Put your hiring message in motion with the Workplace Profile Video Program.

How It Works

We'll come to your business to shoot footage of your workplace. This footage is carefully assembled to create an impactful :60 video of your Workplace. We will embed this video into expandable, rich media ad units. These ads will allow jobseekers to directly view the video in full or click through to your job listings site. Leave a lasting impression on jobseekers. In today’s competitive hiring landscape, you need to give a transparent view of who you are as an employer. Targeted audience, digital delivery, video based ads and integration in one effective program. The Workplace Video program represents the best way to distinguish your business as a leading, local employer.

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