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Remember the good ol’ days? Put your ad in the newspaper and everyone in town with read it, tell their friends, and paper job applications begin to clutter your des . Then again, this ad would cost you a fortune and would only be available for one day per week. As the catchy tune says, “the good ol’ days weren’t always good and tomorrow aint as bad as it seems.”. Tomorrow’s recruitment plans are about providing smart, digital experiences to those most likely to represent what you are seeking in a new employee. In the advertising world, this is called Targeting. HIRECLICK can provide you with really cool and effective ways to target jobseekers.

Job Posting Management

Job Listing sites often represent premium value to Employers if they reach the correct audience. Some listing sites are more general in scope, while others focus on niche audiences, often aligned by industry, profession, etc. With so many options available to employers, it can create an administrative headache for HR organizations to post, assign appropriate tracking links, etc. HIRECLICK can make sense of your Job Listing Site strategy by posting, tracking, and managing your job listings to ensure quality and consistency across all of your chosen job listing sites, allowing you and your team to focus on the other demands of your business. We can work with any and all job listing partners that you wish.

Local & Nationl Job Listing Sites.

Social Media Recruitment

Social Media has changed the way we all share information. We all build personalized circles of influence that help us to communicate with loved ones, network with business colleagues, or follow what is interesting to us. This personal connection Social Media provides an excellent way for recruiters of all sizes to connect and attract job candidates. Targeting jobseekers by location, profession, or interest is all part of what we do at HIRECLICK Digital on a daily basis. We will work with you to craft a social media campaign that speak to your precise jobseeker targets… all within your precise recruitment budget.

Display Advertising

Pictures tell a thousand words. Display advertising is about building an emotional connection with your audience…. in this case, about you as an employer. Display ads can be an effective component to driving potential jobseekers to your job listings or career site. By targeting these display ads to specific audiences, it allows you to personalize your ad campaigns, creating greater efficiency in your recruitment strategy.

Through various technology tools and ad networks, we can target your ads by geography, interests, current profession…. or a combination of all three. We’ll work with you every step of the way to craft a Display advertising campaign that works for your organization and stays within your budget.

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